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TC/RTD with temperature transm
  TC/RTD with temperature transmitter



Integrated TC and RTD can measure temperature and transmit the same time. They are formed when 2 wire system temperature transmitter lblock (SBR, SBWZ) is installed into the head of assembled TC and RTD , MITC and  MIRTD. They can measure temperature in liquid, vapor or steam during the manufacture process, and transmit 4~20mA current output which has a linear relationship with the temperature. They are used broadly in electrical, metallugy, petroleum, chemical, textile, medicine and food industries national defense and other research.



   Wide measuring range.Compared with the traditional instruments, it extend the temperature measurement range.

   Widely application scope.Add protective tube, can raise the performance of high-temperature resistant, corrosive-resistant, high-pressure resistant, abrase-resistant, it expand the application scope widely.


   Convenient to control automaticly and centralization of control

   As the tranditional temperature sensor, it matched display instrument or record instrument to use, it can display the precise temperature, and also convenient to control automaticly and centralized.

   Armoured unique structure.Sheath restrictive coating structure raise the level of the sensitivity, improve the availability of the material,can curved measured, greatly extend the measure length.It has the strong pollution-resistant performance and mechanical intensity.


Input signal: TC: B, S, K, E, J, T

                      RTD: Pt100

Output signal: As 4~20mA DC, within measuring range, has a linear relationship with temperature

Basic precision: ±0.5%F.S for TC; ±0.2%F.S for RTD

Transmission model: 2-wire system

Diect current source: minimum 12V, maximum 30V, Normal 24V

Load resistance: calculate maximum load with the following formula:


  U: direct current voltage of transmitter

  Under normal voltage of transmitter

  Under normal voltage:24V

  RL(max)=50(24-12)=600Ω (max)

Normal working conditions:

  a. Enviromental temperature > -25 to 85℃ (special demand: -40 to 90℃)

  b. Relative humidity: 5~95%

  c. Machine vibration: 10-150 Hz, A=0.15mm

  d. Atmosphere free from corrosive media to transmitter

Electrical magnetic interference: When radio with 20-1000MHz, 5W power operates 0.5m from the transmitter, the output chane of the transmitter should be less than ±0.15%F.S

Temperature deviation: when environmental temperature change by 1℃, origin and space changes are ±0.15%F.S  and  ±0.1%F.S respectively



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