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Special flowmeter
  LZBK flow rate control



Besides indicating the instantaneous flow, it can also send alarm signal when the flow rate is over or less than the set value. There exist one or two alarm points. it is widely applied to controlling dangerous fluid and occasion nedding overload protection.


   Advanced manufacture technics

   Superior economic performance

   Simple structure, reliable performance

   Superior adjustable performance

   Special design to improve performance

   Convient to realize remote control


Model:LZBK series

Measuring range:basic measuring range of DN3-100

Operating temperature:-20-60℃

Alarm error:<1 min.scale division

Alarm repeatability: <1%

Contact capacity: 8152 type    220V  AC  1A

                              guide type    220V  AC  0.5A

                              F19 type      220V  AC  0.5A

Power supple: 8152 type    220(1±10%)V  AC,50Hz

                         guide type    24(1±10%)V  DC

                         F19 type      24(1±10%)V  DC

Ambient temperature:0-50℃

Relative humidity:85%

power dissipation:<3W



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