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Introduced glass tube flowmete



In 1989, our company introduced the technique and equipment form KROHNE company in Germany to produced introduced glass metering cone, compared with the same type in domestic, it has the advantages of high precision, good interchangeability, widely measuring range, variable connection type, installation and maintenance conveniently .etc, also according to the temperature, pressure, density, viscosity of the fluid to  provide the flow scale of different fluid, different state, different viscosity, easily solve the problem of  amending the indication value.

Important declare: In order to protect the legal benefit between our  company and KROHNE company in Germany, Changzhou Shuanghuan Thermo-technical Instrument Co.,Ltd is the only legal manufacturer in China to manufacture the DK800 series, VA10/20 series, SA10/20 series, GA24 series. The product specification is our company owned exclusive.


    Show fluid directly

    Superior economic performance

    Precise measurement

    Unique viscosity amendation

    Humanized safety design

    Installing and maintaining conveniently

    Measured the tiny flowrate easily


Model: VA/FA/SA20 series

Size: DN15,DN25,DN40,DN50

Measuring range: water (20 ℃)  4-10000 L/h

                              air (20 ℃, 101325Pa) 0.12 - 300 m3 / h

Range scale: 10:1

Accuracy : 1.6, 1.0(according to directive VDI / VDE 3513)

Operating pressure: 0.5 MPa, 0.7 MPa, 0.9 MPa, 1.0 MPa

Operating temperature:≤200℃

Connection type:hose, screw, flange.

Description: The connection type can be customized.



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