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Electromagnetic flowmeter
  LDS4000 electromagnetic flowmeter



LDS series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is  manufactured by  the most advanced technology, compared with the traditional analog variable of non-intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter,  LDS series have the characteristic of measurement precision, reliable in performance, simple  operation, etc.

LDS series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is made up of two parts:sensor and converter, it is based on Faraday law on electromagnetic induction, used to measure the conductive liquid volume flow which conductivity exceeds 5Us /cm. Besides the general conductive liquid, it can also be used for measuring the flow rate of corrosive acid, alkali and liquid-solid diphasic suspension liquid  such as slurry, ore pulp and paper pulp.It widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, papermaking, environmental protection, food, etc.industrial field.



  Non pressure loss.It hasn’t choched flow body and active component  in measuring tube, neither additional pressure loss nor cause jams, thus the effect of saving energy is remarkable, especially applied to measuring the flow rate of liquid-solid diphasic liquid  such as sewage, slurry, ore pulp,paper pulp,etc.

  Widely  application  There are only lining and electrode to contact the medium, so only to choose the lining and electrode materials reasonably, it can achieve good corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance to measure the chemical solution such as corrosive acid, alkali,etc.

   Low require of installing straight pipeline.Up straight pipeline needs 5D, down straight pipeline need 2D (D is the diameter of the meter)

   High reliability.The reading of measurement is unrelated to the density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity, the environment  has no influence on it , so the flowmeter  worked   precision and work relialibly.

   Doubleaction measurement.The flow direction can be set up, sensor installation is unlimited to the flow direction, so it can achieve doubleaction measurement


Model: LDS series (flanged type, split type),

Size: DN10 ~ DN1400

Accuracy : ± 1.0% ± 0.5% (optional ± 0.3%)

Velocity: 0.3 ~ 12m/s

Medium conductivity: > 5uS/ cm

Medium temperature: - 25 ~ + 160 ℃

Medium pressure: 0.25 ~ 4.0 MPa

Lining material: neoprene, polyurethane, PTFE,  F46,  PFA

Electrode material: 316L, Ti, HC, Ta, Pt

Power supply: 220VAC or 24VDC

Power: < 6.5 VA

Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA, pulse/frequency

Connection type: flange type (GB/T9119-2000), holding  type



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