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Digital display
  XPN flow accumulation instrument

Intelligent intelligent flow accumulating calculation instrument can match with various flow sensors or thansmitters such as throttling device,turbine, metallic flowmeter and so on, to measuring and accumulating calculation of instantaneous flow of gas, liquid,saturated vapor or overheated steam.It can match with the temperature sensors and pressure sensors to compensating for temperature and pressure and control the flow rate, to realize the upper and lower alarming.


  Adopt advanced single chip computer, floating-point calculation.

  Adopt EEPROM for permanent and reliable saving of setting parameters and accumulate values.

  Set parameter conventiently, all physical parameter display directly.

  The function of compensating for temperature and pressure.



Input signal: 0-10mADC、4-20mADC;0-5VDC、1-5VDC

Output signal: 0-10mADC、4-20mADC;0-5VDC、1-5VDC

Function: calculate of radication and proportion, temperature and pressure compensation.

Basic error: ±0.5%F.S

Supply voltage: 220V±10%AC,50HZ±2HZ


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