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Shuanghuan Brief introduction


  Changzhou Thermo-technical Instrument general factory was founded in 1957,the first professional manufacturer of thermo-technical instrument in China.SHUANGHUAN brand of series thermo-technical instruments is enjoying high reputation in customs thoughout the country. In 2001, enterprise name changed to Changzhou Shuanghuan Thermo-technical Instrument Co.,Ltd. for transformation of the system of owership. The company has developed rapidly and steadily for these years. We express our heartfelt gratitude for your permanent support.

  We have moved to 58th Feilong West Road ,Zhonglou development area(north area).Changzhou city foe the city programme and developed of our company.

  Long history:The company was founded in 1957,the first professional manufacturer of thermo-technical instrument in China,it is once regarded as symbol of China"s thermo-technical instrument industry.

  Well-know Brand:SHUANGHUAN,brand of series thermo-technical instruments, is enjoying high reputation at home and board.

  Great variety: The series covering the fullest specifications and sizes in thermo-technical instrument industry,seven species in brief for measuring flow rate,temperature,pressure and liquid level, and 15 thousand specifications in detals.Among those ,variable area flowmeter with glass or metal cone and bimetal thermometer are the most reputable in the industry all over the world.

  Unique property: The company is the only permissive manufacturer in China who has imported proprietary technology and equipments to produce variable area flowmeter with glass metering cone of series GA24, DK800 and VA/FA/SA10,20. The rights of models,specifications and appearance ae all solely owned by our company,and other companies are not alloeed to pirate.

  Outstanding achievement:In 1984, SHAUNGHUAN brand flowmeter with glass metering cone is rewarded with Notional Sliver Medal by the National Quality Prize Examine and Approve Committee.This is the highest honor for instruments manufactures in China till now.

  In Dec, 1990, Ministry of Electronics Industry ararded SAHUNGHUAN brand WSS industry bimetal thermometer Quality Product Prize.

  On May, 24th, 1991,Premier Lipeng has issured a Citation,highly praising the contribution the SHUANGHUAN brand thermal meter made to the National key project-"Beijing plus-minus electron collisioner".

  We are a Diector unit of China Flux Instruments Professional Association and China Temperature Instruments Professional Association; Jiangsu Procince Quality Engineering Supervision Gas Flow Measurement Station locates in our company.

  Since service: The market coverage and market share of main products,flowmenter and bimetal thermometer,are at the leading place in China.Equipped with ISO9001:2000 quality management system and sales service system, the company is selling the products not only to 26 provinces in China but also to more than 30 countries and areas in the world.

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